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Any of various plant-eating scarab beetles, such as the rose chafer.

[Middle English, a kind of beetle, from Old English ceafor.]


(Animals) any of various scarabaeid beetles, such as the cockchafer and rose chafer
[Old English ceafor; related to Old Saxon kevera, Old High German chevar]


(ˈtʃeɪ fər)

any of various scarab beetles that are pests of plants, as the cockchafer and rose chafer.
[before 1000; Middle English cheaffer, chaver, Old English ceofor; akin to Old Saxon, Middle Dutch kever, Old High German chevar(o)]


nKäfer m
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Neither the chafers, the toads, nor the earth-worms, whom they asked about it could give them any information--none of them had been boiled or laid on a silver dish.
The WB Disposable Chafers are perfect for tailgating, home buffets, restaurants, picnics or any other event that require a chafer.
It features four steel belts for puncture resistance, a two-ply nylon chafer for longer casing life and sturdy sidewall construction for long lasting tire life.
Tenders Are Invited For Improvements To Dhebewadi Umarkanchan Jinti Pachagani Chafer Road O.
Having a lawn will also help feed the birds - especially blackbirds that feast on worms, and starlings that hunt for chafer grubs in the coarse grasses.
Tony O'Hehir FIRST FOR MOORE Chafer grubs are not popular at Bath but they might be at Yarmouth, which is staging a PS20,000 race lost to the Somerset track because of an infestation.
Shooting stars The deceased effectively becomes a crew member, Charles Chafer, chief executive and co-founder of Celestis, told PE.
Charles Chafer, the CEO of the Houston-based space burial company Celestis, told the (http://www.
Each different kind of nematode have their own specific prey species and chemical giants BASF, who breed trillions of them for their Nemasys range, now have products that will treat many common soil-dwelling pests, including vine weevil, chafer grubs, slugs, leatherjackets and ant nests.
Chemical giant BASF has the largest specialist nematode production facility in the EU and the only one in the UK, breeding trillions of up to five different species of beneficial nematode to create its Nemasys range, and now has products which will treat many common soil-dwelling pests including vine weevil, chafer grubs, slugs, leatherjackets and ant nests.
Key statement: In a pneumatic tire for heavy load in which a rubber chafer (8) is disposed at least in a part brought into contact with a rim in a bead part (1), the rubber chafer uses a rubber composition which comprises 45 to 55 parts by mass of butadiene base rubbers containing 10 to 30 parts by mass of a syndiotactic 1,2-structure-containing polybutadiene rubber and 45 to 55 parts by mass of a natural rubber as a rubber component and more than 50 parts by mass and less than 60 parts by mass of carbon black having DBP of 85 to 115 ml/100 g and a specific surface area by nitrogen adsorption ([N.
Some plots - Yewhurst Road is a particular hotspot - have been totally ripped up as the flocks search for two starling delicacies: leatherjackets and chafer grubs.