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Any of various plant-eating scarab beetles, such as the rose chafer.

[Middle English, a kind of beetle, from Old English ceafor.]


(Animals) any of various scarabaeid beetles, such as the cockchafer and rose chafer
[Old English ceafor; related to Old Saxon kevera, Old High German chevar]


(ˈtʃeɪ fər)

any of various scarab beetles that are pests of plants, as the cockchafer and rose chafer.
[before 1000; Middle English cheaffer, chaver, Old English ceofor; akin to Old Saxon, Middle Dutch kever, Old High German chevar(o)]


nKäfer m
References in classic literature ?
Neither the chafers, the toads, nor the earth-worms, whom they asked about it could give them any information--none of them had been boiled or laid on a silver dish.
Outstanding Apprentice of the Year - Creative & Digital, sponsored by Network Integrity Services Harry Chafer, Pulsar UK ?
Fine weather will have aided the attendance figures, and while Anthony Van Dyck was the star on the track, winning a recordequalling seventh Derby for Aidan O'Brien, Cooper praised his groundstaff for their handling of the quick conditions and the threat of chafer grubs.
A THE presence of legs tells me they are not the larvae of vine weevils but probably chafer grubs.
The Remexi backdoor is linked to a suspected Farsi-speaking cyberespionage group known as Chafer, previously associated with the cyber-surveillance of individuals in the Middle East.
What sort of creature is a chafer? A A garden bird B Afish C A beetle D A hedge mouse 13.
RACE meetings at Salisbury and Epsom were abandoned this week due to, of all things, an infestation of chafer grubs.
3 A Happy Valley card was cancelled after a stray rake was left in the starting stalls 4 In 1997 the Grand National was postponed for several days following a bomb hoax 5 Races abandoned 'because of spillage of aviation fuel on the course' Newbury 1992 RACE meetings at Salisbury and Epsom were abandoned this week due to, of all things, an infestation of chafer grubs.
Alongside him is his own Fool, David Chafer's Peter Taylor, his assistant manager.
The WB Disposable Chafers are perfect for tailgating, home buffets, restaurants, picnics or any other event that require a chafer.
Shooting stars The deceased effectively becomes a crew member, Charles Chafer, chief executive and co-founder of Celestis, told PE.