chafing dish

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chaf·ing dish

A metal dish or pan mounted above a heating device and used to cook food or keep it warm at the table.

chafing dish

(Cookery) a vessel with a heating apparatus beneath it, for cooking or keeping food warm at the table

chaf′ing dish`

(ˈtʃeɪ fɪŋ)
a metal pan mounted atop a heating device for preparing or warming food at the table.
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Noun1.chafing dish - a metal pan over a heaterchafing dish - a metal pan over a heater; used to cook or to keep things warm at the table
cooking utensil, cookware - a kitchen utensil made of material that does not melt easily; used for cooking

chafing dish

[ˈtʃeɪfɪŋdɪʃ] Ncalientaplatos m inv
References in classic literature ?
Chafing dishes were not unknown to him, and he wondered if she concocted suppers on this one for some of those University young men he had heard whispers about.
Porthos was in bed, and was playing a game at LANSQUENET with Mousqueton, to keep his hand in; while a spit loaded with partridges was turning before the fire, and on each side of a large chimneypiece, over two chafing dishes, were boiling two stewpans, from which exhaled a double odor of rabbit and fish stews, rejoicing to the smell.
Large inventory of china, flatware, glassware, chafing dishes, all service equipment, portable commercial cooking equipment.
He added: "They like buffet-style restaurants but what we have here is quite nice because it's live cooking and not just food sitting in chafing dishes for hours.
Katzen cited plans for launching collections of kitchen tools and gadgets; a number of beverage products including coffee pots, carafes and tea kettles; and specialty cookware such as roasting pans and chafing dishes.
We originally used Sternos," Floretta explains, speaking of the popular fuel canisters restaurants use to keep things like buffet chafing dishes warm, "but the flame was too intense.
Knowing the vibe you want for your event will help in planning the details such as a full service catering with an on-site meat cutting station and chafing dishes or a more casual self-serve buffet.
It's well equipped, from the quality of the flatware to the quality of the glassware, and even the chafing dishes are high-quality chafing dishes.
Markarian, managing director of UNICO sal, said representatives of hotels, restaurants and hospitals inquired about the company's hallow ware, buffet plates and stands, chafing dishes, wedding cake stands, kitchen utensils, lobby accessories, etc.
Crispy smoked bacon, toasty brown sausages and baked ham provide the breakfast standards; other chafing dishes offered pancakes, French toast and scrambled eggs.
Glowing antique copper chafing dishes and trays were chosen to complement the abundant natural materials and garnishes, such as the perfect green cabbage fashioned into a bowl for a dip.
I spent a few thousand dollars from savings on equipment - plates, silverware, chafing dishes, cooking utensils and gadgets.