chain saw

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or chain saw  (chān′sô′)
A portable power saw with teeth linked to form a loop of chain.

chain′saw′, chain′-saw′ v.

chain saw

1. (Tools) a motor-driven saw, usually portable, in which the cutting teeth form links in a continuous chain

chain′ saw`

a usu. portable power saw having teeth set on an endless chain.
[1840–50, Amer.]
chain′-saw`, v.t., v.i.
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Noun1.chain saw - portable power sawchain saw - portable power saw; teeth linked to form an endless chain
power saw, sawing machine, saw - a power tool for cutting wood

chain saw

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The gathering Saturday in Cottage Grove is expected to bring back primarily the participants from the two McCulloch Chain Saw teams that reached the national tournament.
The chain saw mill shown in the right-hand picture on Page 92 of the August/September 2004 issue is a Haddon Lumbermaker, net a Granberg Mini-Mill as I had indicated in the story.
A MAN who staged a shop robbery in West Lancs while armed with a chain saw has been jailed for four years and three months.
The sides have been approximately equalized with a chain saw, leaving inflections on their surfaces.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Petrol driven chain saws (bullet chain saw) for Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services Department.
With the top four manufacturers offering more than 80 models combined, choosing the right chain saw can be a daunting task.
PALMER - A Monson man who used a chain saw to maim his friend's dog was ordered to serve 2-1/2 years in the Hampden County House of Correction, after pleading guilty in Palmer District Court to a felony charge of animal cruelty yesterday.
OAKRIDGE - Few motorists passing "Carvings by Colp" at the west end of town the past 14 years knew that the man selling carved bears, fish and horses here was a pioneer and patriarch in the world of chain saw art.
Fellow tree-sitter John Quigley claims that a chain saw ``cut a gash into the tree, while we were in it, endangering lives.
There is an alternative timber procurement strategy for those with access to a stand of large, straight trees: Make the timbers yourself with a chain saw mill.
The health and beauty chain said it had been encouraged by trading after its core Boots the Chemist chain saw like-for-like sales growth of 3.
New this year, expert chain saw carvers will compete in the ECHO Chain Saw Carving Series Championship, and World Champion Log Roller Jamie Fischer will perform log rolling, boom running and more.