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He tweeted, 'I'm a chain smoker myself and I appreciate all the measures taken by the government to discourage smoking and I understand it's injurious to health but this term 'Gunah Tax' is inappropriate.
He said: "Hey everybody, during the second half we were talking about Maurizio Sarri - he's a chain smoker - and we used a British term for a cigarette.
The Irish-born actor reportedly had a history of chronic heart problems and was a chain smoker, in addition to struggling with a drinking problem.
The 80-year-old mayor said he quit smoking three years ago after being a chain smoker for more than 60 years.
"The second and third themes depict the pain and suffering of a passive smoker as well as the arduous death a smoker goes through," said Panase, whose father was a chain smoker. "Something that really cost my family dearly," he added.
Mohammad Ali, a chain smoker who works in a private production house says that locals have not yet developed a taste for Chinese cigarettes.
Although I am not an expert, I would just like to share with readers how I suffered being a chain smoker for more than 32 years.
He battled lung cancer and survived, but because he used to be a chain smoker, eventually his gall bladder got affected.
"I found myself with blackened teeth when I went to brush after staying in a hotel room which was occupied previously by a tenant who was a chain smoker," she remarked.
"The reason behind my sister's illness is smoking, for she is like a chain smoker and began having problems in her lungs," she divulged.
Arcaya, a known chain smoker, could have fallen asleep with a lighted cigarette, triggering the blaze that started inside her room, Cebu City Fire Marshal Rogelio Bongabong said.
He's a chain smoker who likes a drink - well, so does Nigel Farage and the Tories could well end up in government with him.