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Noun1.chain-smoker - a heavy smoker (usually of cigarettes) who lights one off of another
smoker, tobacco user - a person who smokes tobacco
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He added, "I have been a chain-smoker in the past and I could relate to what the contestants of the show have been through.
Moreau, a petite chain-smoker who worked with most of the world's top directors of the first few decades after World War Two, Orson Welles, Jean-Luc Godard and Wim Wenders among them.
ItOs time Brazilian fans faced up to the fact that the days of legendary players such as chain-smoker Dr Socrates, Eder, Pele and Jairzinho are but footnotes in history, and the current crop of players such as David OSideshow BobO Luis and OPretty BoyO Oscar simply do not cut the mustard.
The chain-smoker suffers from abnormally high heart rates and recently endured 25 'cardiac shocks' before being admitted to the emergency ward of the Sharjah hospital.
Shame about the silly saga of Tina's laughably implausible lust for ageing alcoholic chain-smoker Peter Barlow.
But his personal doctor described him as a lazy chain-smoker who rarely washed.
setting fire to their brushes (the implication being that he did this rather as a chain-smoker lights one cigarette from another) and then letting them run loose, the poor panicking things, into the Philistine fields.
Detective Inspector Steel is going through her own personal issues, describing herself as "a forty-three-year-old lesbian chain-smoker who swears like a f***ing sailor and boozes it up every night.
The Supreme Court has been asked to find a replacement to Conte, who was a reclusive diabetic and chain-smoker, and 40 days of national morning have been declared.
If Harley St therapist Kevin's tapping treatment wasn't comedy enough, we then saw a chain-smoker being given EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which, while it can be used with some success to treat abuse victims, the jury is still out.
Still, playing Schmidt, who even now at age 88 remains an incorrigible chain-smoker who obstinately ignores no-smoking signs and puffs away even in television interviews, was a great honor and worth the sacrifice.
Chain-smoker Colom, whose party symbol is a peace dove, says Guatemala will only cut crime by attacking poverty and removing corrupt police and judges.