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Adj.1.chainlike - having a chainlike form; "catenulate bacterial cell colonies"
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Community has two characteristics: first, a web of affect-laden relationships among a group of individuals, relationships that often crisscross and reinforce one another (as opposed to one-on-one or chainlike individual relationships); and second, a measure of commitment to a set of shared values, norms, and meanings, and a shared history and identity--in short, a particular culture.
As soon as a block completes the required information and is verified, any additional information or ensuing events chronologically link to that first block by becoming a subsequent block, in a chainlike fashion--fence the name "blockchain." When a block is completed, it also creates a unique secure hash code, which connects it to the next block.
The rolls have both cutting and chaining flutes that work to pull out the cut, bringing a chainlike pattern that leaves areas exposed for microbes to enter.
TEM analysis of a aged sample of nZVI showed that the chainlike structure was stil dominant but indicated also the presence of some larger floc aggregates, stemming possibly from the enhancement in oxide formation (Uzum et al.
When an external magnetic field is applied to the MF, the magnetic particles form the agglomeration and then chainlike clusters.
The product of magnetic agglomeration is a kind of chainlike flocculation, which forms network structure with external magnetic field increasing.
Membranes are made of twin sheets of chainlike molecules each with an oxygen-containing head and a long tail of fatty acids.
After exposure to UV light, the chainlike molecules emit a different coloured light.
They may be considered as being composed of bundles of chainlike molecules (called polymers) of many different lengths and molecular weights.
Such chainlike structures of small particles group around the bigger ones.