chainlink fence

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chain·link fence

A fence made of thick steel wire interwoven in a diamond pattern.

chainlink fencing n.
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Noun1.chainlink fence - a fence of steel wires woven into a diamond pattern
fence, fencing - a barrier that serves to enclose an area
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YKM GROUP is the best wire mesh manufacturer compnay manufacture all type of wire mesh like ss wire mesh , welded mesh , fly mesh , pvc chainlink fence , wire mesh cloth .
Survivors recall burying spouses, having babies taken away, and family visits with a chainlink fence separating them from their relatives.
Members of North Warwickshire Borough Council's resources board will be told at a meeting next Monday that a scheme has been devised to resurface the tennis court area, put up a two-metre-high chainlink fence and install floodlights.
She tied yellow ribbons to a chainlink fence and stapled blank white cards to them so people can write messages on them.
Flight 1455 from Los Angeles to Burbank was carrying 142 passengers and crew on 5 March when it overshot the runway on landing and ran through a chainlink fence and across a six-lane road before stopping just in front of a petrol station.