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A chairman or chairwoman.


(ˈtʃɛərˌpɜr sən)

a person who presides over a meeting, committee, etc., or heads a board or department.
chair′per`son•ship`, n.
usage: See -person.


1. 'chair' and 'chairperson'

The person in charge of a meeting or organization is referred to as the chair, or sometimes the chairperson. These words can be used to refer to either a man or a woman.

This is Ruth Michaels, chairperson of the Women Returners' Network.
You should address your remarks to the chair.
2. 'chairman'

A chairman is a man who is in charge of a meeting or debate.

The vicar, full of apologies, took his seat as chairman.

The male head of an organization is often referred to as its chairman.

Sir John Hill, chairman of the Atomic Energy Authority, gave the opening speech.
3. 'chairwoman'

In the past, chairman was used to refer to both men and women, but it is now not often used to refer to a woman. The woman in charge of a meeting or organization is sometimes referred to as the chairwoman.

Margaret Downes is this year's chairwoman of the Irish Institute.
Siobhan is a BBC radio journalist, and chairwoman of The Scottish Ballet.
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Noun1.chairperson - the officer who presides at the meetings of an organizationchairperson - the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization; "address your remarks to the chairperson"
Kalon Tripa - the chairman of the Kashag and essentially head of the Tibetan government-in-exile
presiding officer - the leader of a group meeting
vice chairman - one ranking below or serving in the place of a chairman
présidentsecrétaire général


[ˈtʃɛəˌpɜːsn] Npresidente/a m/f


[ˈtʃɛərpɜːrsən] nprésident(e) m/f


[ˈtʃɛəˌpɜːsn] npresidente/essa


(tʃeə) noun
1. a movable seat for one person, with a back to it. a table and four chairs.
2. the position of a person who is chairman at a meeting etc. Who is in the chair?
3. the office of a university professor. He holds the chair of History at this university.
to be chairman at (a meeting etc). He chaired the meeting last night.
ˈchairlift noun
a set of seats hanging from a cable, used to take skiers etc up a mountain.
ˈchairman, chairperson, chairwoman nouns
a person who takes charge of or directs a meeting.
ˈchairmanship noun

Address a male chairman as Mr Chairman, and a female chairman as Madam Chairman.
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Speaking to The Express Tribune, Sindh Chief Secretary Mumtaz Ali Shah said that the replacement of educational board chairpersons, where the incumbent chairperson's tenure is expiring, will be made strictly on merit and the relevant departments have been directed to invite applications through advertisements in this regard.
Summary: New Delhi (India), July 22 (ANI) Parliament on Monday passed a bill that expedites the process of appointments of chairpersons of National and state Human Right Commissions with Rajya Sabha giving its nod after Home Minister Amit Shah dismissed opposition concerns about "misuse" of the human rights bodies.
'Fauzia has done amazing work as the chairpersons the PCSW.
He expressed these views while addressing the inaugural ceremony of two days workshop 'Orientation on Functions and Working of Standing Committees 'organized for the chairpersons of the standing committees of the National Assembly of Pakistan at Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services here on Thursday.
Chairperson, secretary and deputy chairpersons of the Advisory Council
On January 31, the Employment and Labour Relations Court directed President Uhuru Kenyatta and Cabinet Secretaries to advertise positions of chairpersons and board members of all parastatals and state agencies.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 25, 2019-Investor AB plans to offer chairpersons of its Listed Core Investments participation in five -year option programmes
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HYDERABAD -- The management of University of Sindh Jamshoro has appointed chairpersons of different academic departments of the university.
ISLAMABAD -- Senators Rubina Khalid, Hilalur Rehman, Hidayatullah Khan and Sitara Ayaz were on Monday elected chairpersons of Senate standing committees on information technology, overseas Pakistanis, communications and climate change, respectively.