chaise lounge

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chaise longue

 (shāz′ lông′, shĕz′) or chaise lounge (shāz′ lounj′, chās′)
n. pl. chaise longues (shāz′ lông′, shĕz′) or chaises longues (shĕz′ lông′) or chaise lounges (shāz′ loun′jĭz, chās′)
A usually upholstered reclining chair with a long seat that supports the outstretched legs.

[French : chaise, chair + longue, long.]
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chaise lounge

[ˌʃeɪzˈlaʊndʒ] n (US)méridienne f
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The polished cement walls get a pop of color from framed artworks created by local artists while carefully chosen furniture such as the bed, accent chairs and chaise lounge
Maybe your pleasure is stretching out in the chaise lounge on the back patio with your favorite drink in hand.
The white day-bed can be transformed into a comfortable sofa or chaise lounge, offering versatility to customers.
When I made his acquaintance, Richard, by then in his mid-50s, lived with full-time help in the ritzy Yorkville neighborhood, confined to a mid-century chaise lounge chair in his glass condo.
Price points for the almost 600 items in the line range from $ 1.99 for plastic tumblers, melamine salad plates and round starburst placemats to $578 for the Comfrey velvet chaise lounge chair with brass legs.
A golden statue of Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced founder of The Weinstein Co., wearing a silk robe, holding an Oscar, and sitting on a golden chaise lounge, was erected in Hollywood on March 2, just two days before the Academy Awards.
The locations will also feature iPic's patent pending viewing Pods and Chaise Lounge seating.These seating Pods encapsulate two reclining seats and a cubby in the corner to tuck away small items.
Situated in her shrink's office - picture sun-drenched blinds, a copious amount of books, and a chaise lounge - it's more monologue than conversation between client and doctor.
The seating unit offers multiple seat depths and has an optional pull-out ottoman to create a chaise lounge configuration.
Seems there is truth to the scuttlebutt that LP is, well, as gay as a fuchsia chaise lounge. Perhaps LP merely wanted to prove the naysayers wrong?
Frankly we should have been on the chaise lounge puffing cheroots after 30 minutes.