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Noun1.chaja - largest crested screamer; native to southern Brazil and Argentina
crested screamer - distinguished from the horned screamer by a feathery crest on the back of the head
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Lake Park -- Sgarbossa 5 8-10 21; Montiel 6 6-7 18; Perry 4 2-3 11; Ellenbecker 3 3-4 10; Myers 1 0-0 2; Chaja 0 0-0 0; Goldsmith 0 0-0 0; Koch 0 0-0 0 Totals 19 19-24 62
despues, el grito de un chaja le advirtio que lo habia cercado la
En Puente de Fierro el guanaco esta seguido por el venado de las pampas (NISP%=4,16) y hay un registro diverso de especies de porte menor que incluyen coipo (NISP%=17,50), peludo (NISP%= 2,2), pato (NISP%=2,33), gallareta (NISP%=1,84), maca (NISP%= 0,37) y chaja (NISP%= 0,37) (Frontini y Bayon 2015a); se destaca ademas la presencia de restos de otaridos (NISP%= 2,44).
The special task force raided at Hano ka Chaja in interior city where they found butchers slaughtering animals in streets.
The eyewitness testimony of Chaja Finkelsztejn from nearby Radzilow, where a very similar pogrom had occurred two days earlier, and which Bikont has brought to public attention, gives a good description of what happened.
Born Chaja Rubinstein, she first made her way to Australia after picking up some business acumen from relatives in the fur business in Vienna.
Each plot was sown with wheat (Klein Chaja) in 17.5 cm rows, at a density of 350 seeds/[m.sup.2] on 10 August 2007 and 6 August 2008.
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