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Variant of challah.
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Avec un chrono de 1h00min18sec, l'athlete Fathi a devance les Marocains Aziz Bounit (1:03:18) et Ahmed Chalah (1:03:10) pour les 17 Km de la course.
La viabilidad (integridad de la membrana plasmatica) de los espermatozoides se evaluo mediante la tincion de eosina-nigrosina descrita por Chalah y Billard [5].
Our findings corresponded with those of Esponda and Bedford (1985) to the extent that they demonstrated that plasma membranes of fowl sperm undergo biochemical maturation during the passage of sperm through the MRT, because sperm plasma membranes have been considered to be responsible for the recognition of storage sites in the oviduct and only the membrane intact sperm are capable of undergoing storage in the SST (Chalah et al., 1999).