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 (kə-lā′zə, -lăz′ə)
n. pl. cha·la·zae (-zē) or cha·la·zas
1. Biology One of two spiral bands of tissue in an egg that connect the yolk to the lining membrane at either end of the shell.
2. Botany The region of an ovule that is opposite the micropyle, where the integuments and nucellus are joined.

[Greek khalaza, hard lump, hailstone.]

cha·la′zal adj.
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n, pl -zas or -zae (-ziː)
1. (Zoology) one of a pair of spiral threads of albumen holding the yolk of a bird's egg in position
2. (Botany) the basal part of a plant ovule, where the integuments and nucellus are joined
[C18: New Latin, from Greek: hailstone]
chaˈlazal adj
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(kəˈleɪ zə)

n., pl. -zas, -zae (-zē).
1. one of the two albuminous twisted cords fastening an egg yolk to the shell membrane.
2. the point of an ovule or seed where the integuments are united to the nucellus.
[1695–1705; < New Latin < Greek: hail, lump]
cha•la′zal, adj.
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Noun1.chalaza - basal part of a plant ovule opposite the micropyle; where integument and nucellus are joined
ovule - a small body that contains the female germ cell of a plant; develops into a seed after fertilization
plant part, plant structure - any part of a plant or fungus
2.chalaza - one of two spiral bands of tissue connecting the egg yolk to the enclosing membrane at either end of the shell
egg - animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes; especially the thin-shelled reproductive body laid by e.g. female birds
animal tissue - the tissue in the bodies of animals
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Capsula cefalica color cafe, mas claro en cuernos y detras de ellos; cubierta de pelos; granulos, y con pequenas concavidades redondas en toda la cabeza, excepto el frontoclipeo; epicraneo con dos prominentes cuernos redondos; protuberancias conicas con una seta en sus apices (chalazas) de diferentes tamanos en cuernos y en zona media frontal, lateral y posterior de la cabeza.
Al respecto, la Norma NMX-FF-079-SCFI-2004 (productos avicolas huevo fresco de gallina especificaciones y metodos de prueba) [20] define al huevo de gallina como el producto ovoide, proveniente de la oviposicion de la gallina (Gallus galli), constituido por cascaron, membranas, camara de aire, clara, chalazas, yema y germen.