chalk dust

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Noun1.chalk dust - dust resulting from writing with a piece of chalk; "chalk dust covered the teacher's hands"
dust - fine powdery material such as dry earth or pollen that can be blown about in the air; "the furniture was covered with dust"
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The heart-warming, positive message comes across in a playful riot of dance, performance, giggles and chalk dust packed with interaction with the children in the audience getting involved sitting among the set and the performers and playing an integral role.
They were, we were told, supposed to address the danger that chalk dust posed to computers.
I had my share of grade school teachers whose pedagogical method was the terror of corporal punishment: Every mistake, every infraction, real or imagined, was punished physically-a slap on the face, being made to munch on chalk, being hit on the head by a perfectly aimed pitch of the eraser, or being given a facial with chalk dust freshly had from an eraser.
Asi mismo, el uso de la literatura clasica (los personajes de La metamorfosis de Ovidio o los sonetos de Garcilaso de La Vega), se reiteran en la III parte Chalk Dust en los poemas 'Dafne to Apollo "y "Apollo to Dafne".
I have also had my students make marbleized paper by using bright colored chalk dust sprinkled into large water vats.
Tennis Sof) Tennis Court For Acquisition Inputs, Chalk Dust.
Have your teacher crush the piece of chalk to create chalk dust and pour it into Jar A.
WATCH the chalk dust fly as almost 600 gymnasts descend on Glasgow for 10 days of thrilling competition.
I had expressed my initial ideas through the poem Earth in My Bones, Breathing minerals and chalk dust, I am rubble, am silt.
The Health Ministry later announced that the powder sent to the consulates in ystanbul, which prompted the quarantine of more than 30 staff members, was a material similar to chalk dust.