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1. A soft compact calcite, CaCO3, with varying amounts of silica, quartz, feldspar, or other mineral impurities, generally gray-white or yellow-white and derived chiefly from fossil seashells.
a. A piece of chalk or chalklike substance in crayon form, used for marking on a blackboard or other surface.
b. Games A small cube of chalk used in rubbing the tip of a billiard or pool cue to increase its friction with the cue ball.
3. A mark made with chalk.
4. Chiefly British A score or tally.
tr.v. chalked, chalk·ing, chalks
1. To mark, draw, or write with chalk: chalked my name on the blackboard.
2. To rub or cover with chalk, as the tip of a billiard cue.
3. To make pale; whiten.
4. To treat (soil, for example) with chalk.
Phrasal Verb:
chalk up
1. To earn or score: chalk up points.
2. To credit or ascribe: Chalk that up to experience.

[Middle English, from Old English cealk, from Latin calx, calc-, lime; see calx.]

chalk′i·ness n.
chalk′y adj.


nKalkigkeit f; (= chalky content)Kalkhaltigkeit f
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With the emerging times, mineral makeup has left behind its properties of chalkiness and cakey-texture.
Comparative mapping of chalkiness components in rice using five populations across two environments.
Judging from the deterioration of the carcasses and chalkiness of the bones, Lovich concluded the animals perished over the last five to 10 years, a period including five consecutive years of drought regarded as the most severe in recorded history.
To avoid any traces of chalkiness (which looks just like it sounds--flaky whiteness-and can happen if your skin is dry) choose a light liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer.
There's texture and weight with a mineral chalkiness to the creamy palate.
Fresh and full-bodied with a floral edge and a lovely richness, there's texture and weight with a mineral chalkiness to the creamy palate.
Mauromoustakos, 2011: Extreme nighttime air temperatures in 2010 impact rice chalkiness and milling quality.
Making use of the GEM technology, there was minimum than 2% burnt grains, 90% whole grains, zero chalkiness and zero impurity in compassion to around 24% burnt grains, 60% whole grains, over 20% chalkiness and 5% impurities with the traditional framework.
In addition, the kernel shape (length/ breadth), the chalkiness, and translucency are considered.
I'd wash down the decking and go to a boat and yacht supplier for a fibreglass boat cleaner solution to remove any of the chalkiness on the plastic and restore colour.
He said the wine that fermented in steel is more focused with fruit upfront and exhibits a bit more energy and precision, while the wine from concrete has a bigger mouthfeel, is silkier and also has a bit of chalkiness and minerality.