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A fried, boat-shaped tortilla filled with various ingredients, such as ground beef or pork, cheese, diced vegetables, and seasonings.

[Mexican Spanish chalupa, small boat, chalupa, from Spanish, small two-masted boat, from French chaloupe, shallop, longboat, from Middle French; see shallop.]
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a small narrow boat similar to a gondola, steered using either oars or a pole, used in the south of Mexico
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It's a fast food chain known for its chalupas and attempt to establish "the fourth meal."
The chicken chalupas, huevos rancheros, and enchiladas are great.
Brands' Pizza Hut introduced its $5 lineup that lets customers choose two or more menu items for $5 each, including pizza, chicken wings, garlic knots, and pasta, while Taco Bell offers $5 meal boxes with a choice of chalupas, gorditas, crunchwraps, and steak nachos.
Junto a las actividades "empresariales" se desarrollaran en el pais varias operaciones balleneras costeras, denominadas tradicionales, con chalupas y arpones de mano (Quiroz 2012), siendo las mas conocidas las de Jose Olivares, en Tumbes, Talcahuano (Fernandez 1966), y de Juan Macaya, en la isla Santa Maria (Hernandez 1998).
Given the quality of the enchiladas, mariscos, tacos and chalupas, I'm not surprised this delightful cafe has become a San Antonio institution.
The quick-serve restaurant wants to pay for mobile inventory only when the weather beckons consumers to head outside for burritos or chalupas, explained Eric Perko, associate media director at Digitas, Taco Bell's digital agency.
Recipes include spaghetti and meatballs, popcorn chicken salad, chicken quesadillas, beef chalupas compuestas, Texas Ranch burgers and Mexican-style Iasagna.