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(xɑˈlʊts; English hɑːˈlʊts) or


n, pl -lutzim (-luːˈtsiːm; English -ˈluːtsɪm)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a member of an organization of immigrants to Israeli agricultural settlements
[literally: pioneer, fighter]


or cha•lutz


n., pl. ha•lutz•im (ˌxɑ luˈtsim)
a Jew immigrating to Israel to help develop the land.
[1920–25; < Modern Hebrew ḥaluṣ literally, pioneer]
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17) Nguyen laments the childhood that could have been in these open, green spaces, and specifically imagines herself running barefoot (yechefa) in the field, a detail that not only expresses a desire for an immediate and unmediated relationship with the Vietnamese landscape, but also recalls the romantic archetype of the Jewish chalutz (pioneer) in the pre-statehood period.
In September 2005, a complaint against Moshe Ya'alon and Dan Chalutz was filed in the U.
Chalutz E, Wilson CL (1990) Postharvest biocontrol of green and blue mold and sour rot of citrus fruit by Debaryomyces hansenii.
It proceeds to the 1950s and 1960s, when souvenir dolls were mostly devoted to the depiction of the idealized version of the "new Jew," often as a young chalutz, or pioneer, in an embroidered blouse and khaki shorts.
As leveduras apresentam caracteristicas que as tornam promissoras para utilizacao como agentes de biocontrole, tais como: i) nao produzem esporos alergenicos e nao produzem toxinas como fazem os fungos filamentosos; ii) nao sintetizam antibioticos como as bacterias (DROBY; CHALUTZ, 1994); iii) exigem nutrientes simples, podendo, inclusive, ser utilizados residuos de industrias como fonte de carbono (FREDLUND et al.
Her grandson doesn't need that demo tape anymore, having owned and operated his own production company, Chalutz Production, for three years.
It would be foolish to expect a refugee from a concentration camp to burst into a hora, or its equivalent, when he spots the shore of Puarto Plata or Ciudad Trujillo, as a chalutz does when he sees Mount Carmel in the distance," Syrkin observed.
IDF Commander-in-Chief Dan Chalutz told the rabbis from the army preparatory yeshivas that commanders assigned to the front lines of the evacuation received specific instructions to show "sensitivity and understanding" toward soldiers unable to carry out the evacuation orders and to find them alternative assignments.
Chalutz Ronen, of my host family, was Hamadiya's defense secretary.
Shushu, the young chalutz from Berlin, a 23-year-old intellectual and the soul mate of Joop Westerweel, who spoke Dutch with a heavy German accent and whose appearance was outspokenly Jewish, was given the task of making connections with the underground Jewish and Zionist movements in Belgium and France in order to devise an escape route for the haverim.
Wisniewski, both at the Appalachian Fruit Research Laboratory in Kearneysville, West Virginia, and by Edo Chalutz and Samir Drobi of the Volcani Institute in Israel.