chamber pot

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chamber pot

A portable vessel used in a bedroom as a toilet.
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chamber pot

1. a vessel for urine, used in bedrooms
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cham′ber pot`

a portable container for urine and defecation, used in bedrooms.
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Chamber pot

A pail with a capacity of about two gallons, and a tight-fitting lid. The pot was kept in the bedroom at night and used to minimize the necessity of going to the outhouse.
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These papers are delivered to a set of artists, very dexterous in finding out the mysterious meanings of words, syllables, and letters: for instance, they can discover a close stool, to signify a privy council; a flock of geese, a senate; a lame dog, an invader; the plague, a standing army; a buzzard, a prime minister; the gout, a high priest; a gibbet, a secretary of state; a chamber pot, a committee of grandees; a sieve, a court lady; a broom, a revolution; a mouse-trap, an employment; a bottomless pit, a treasury; a sink, a court; a cap and bells, a favourite; a broken reed, a court of justice; an empty tun, a general; a running sore, the administration.
The Ancient Romans collected chamber pot "contributions." Okay, so far.
Senior, you remember how immediately you wake up in the morning your dear sweet mother will remove your supporter (not the Black Stars fan) and sit you on the chamber pot for you to take all the time you need to offload unwanted goods from your system.
His younger brother now helps him empty and clean his chamber pot, CNA said.
1864: Stephen Foster, US composer of minstrel songs and ballads (The Old Folks At Home, Beautiful Dreamer, etc) died after hitting his head on a chamber pot.
My favourite has to be a child's chamber pot decorated with green Boo Boos holding gardening implements in a wheelbarrow being pushed by the ubiquitous chubby-cheeked boy gardener in red checked shirt and oversize blue trousers.
Left: A Shelley children's chamber pot by Mabel Lucie Attwell Right: A Shelley dessert plate by Mabel Lucie Attwell
Susie will retell the adventures that lie hidden within such words as lasagne (involving a chamber pot) and bugbear (a terrorising monster), and explain such oddities as the silent 'h' in ghost and the mysterious disappearance of kempt, gormful, and ruly (and yes, you really can be gruntled).
Years ago my mother bought a new hat and we all thought that it looked like a chamber pot on her head.
Years ago my mother bought a new hat and we thought that it looked like a chamber pot on her head.
Comic postcard from 1920 featuring a chamber pot and, inset, an earth closet
The child had apparently used a portable chamber pot instead of going to the toilet.