chambered nautilus

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cham·bered nautilus

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chambered nautilus

(Animals) another name for the pearly nautilus
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(ˈnɔt l əs, ˈnɒt-)

n., pl. nau•ti•lus•es, nau•ti•li (ˈnɔt lˌaɪ, ˈnɒt-)
1. Also called chambered nautilus, pearly nautilus. any cephalopod of the genus Nautilus having a spiral, chambered shell with a pearly interior.
[1595–1605; < Latin < Greek nautílos paper nautilus, literally, sailor, derivative of naûs ship]
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Noun1.chambered nautilus - cephalopod of the Indian and Pacific oceans having a spiral shell with pale pearly partitionschambered nautilus - cephalopod of the Indian and Pacific oceans having a spiral shell with pale pearly partitions
cephalopod, cephalopod mollusk - marine mollusk characterized by well-developed head and eyes and sucker-bearing tentacles
genus Nautilus - type genus and sole recent representative of the family Nautilidae
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Striking, full-color photography offers an up-close and personal glimpse of animals such as the lungfish, the microscopic tardigrade, the chambered nautilus, the ferocious goblin shark, the New Zealand tuatara (closest living cousin of the dinosaurs), and much more.
At the museum, capiz shells shine beside a chambered nautilus shell (Nautilus pompilius), paper nautilus shells (Argonauta argo) and assorted abalone kept in glass cases.
"A Chambered Nautilus": The Contradictory Nature of Puerto Rican Women's Role in the Social Construction of a Transnational Community.
Nor arguably has any New Zealand novel topped the magisterial The Chambered Nautilus by the late Graham Billing.
His poems move from vibrant images of starry nights and siren seas to the jolly portraiture of cats and dogs, and insightful metaphor in the life cycle of a chambered nautilus.
Apart from the outstanding examples of Janet Frame, Maurice Duggan, Graham Billing (author of New Zealand's greatest novel The Chambered Nautilus) and the reviewer, the Beige Tone was drearily copied from Frank.
The 21.5-cm-tall bowl does not actually represent the shell of a chambered nautilus, but that of the so-called paper nautilus.
The design of the first phase of the center, by Jain Malkin Inc., is based upon the concept of sacred geometry, which was expressed in many forms and patterns reminiscent of the spiral of a chambered nautilus shell.
He has a large collection of 190 million-years-old Amethyst geode and Ammonite, 144 million years old wood fossils as well as Gryphaea and 190 million years old chambered nautilus.