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 (chə-mēz′) also cha·mi·so (-mē′sō)
n. pl. cha·mi·ses also cha·mi·sos
An evergreen shrub (Adenostoma fasciculatum) in the rose family, native to California and Baja California, having small needlelike leaves in fascicles and clusters of small white flowers.

[Spanish chamisa, from Galician chamiça, dry brush, firewood, from chama, flame, from Latin flamma; see flame.]
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Update the Drainage Management Plans for SF River and Arroyo de los Chamisos (done by Bohannon-Huston dated 1997-98) Verify and update all empirical data, methodology and coverage of reports to include new data and all recently annexed areas Perform a thorough analysis of the Citys geodatabase/ shapefiles pertaining to natural and engineered drainage infrastructure, and associated vegetation information, and provide a phased strategy that will update the geodatabase with respect to drainage and associated vegetation; provide a cost proposal to perform the update.