chamois cloth

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Noun1.chamois cloth - a piece of chamois used for washing windows or cars
piece of cloth, piece of material - a separate part consisting of fabric
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Frank had tiny, closed ears - and thus bad hearing - and a mass of grey, wrinkled skin that made him look like a chamois cloth," and someone's "cat [which] slept in a corner, fat and striped like a mackerel." The humans are just as well-drawn.
AFTER the blues legend left school in 1960 with no qualifications he took up a chamois cloth to earn a crust.
That's when I noticed the chamois cloth I use on my cars to dry them after a wash job.
Raggie, a doughnut-shaped bundle of chamois cloth, is a cross between the two.
Another typical Woolrich product is the company's Chamois Cloth Shooter's Shirt, 100 percent cotton chamois cloth, 6-ounce, with reinforced abrasion-resistant shoulder and elbow patches.
While the glaze was still wet, Derek wiped over the Anaglypta with a sponge - a car demister sponge wrapped in a chamois cloth is perfect for this job.
Woolrich(r) has added easy-to-care-for, 9-ounce, 100-percent cotton chamois cloth shirts, pants, and uninsulated jackets to their line of hunting clothes.
For a smooth-haired dog, you'll need a rubber brush, a bristle brush and a chamois cloth. You can buy them all in a good pet shop.