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Noun1.chamosite - a greenish grey or black silicate of iron and aluminum
iron ore - an ore from which iron can be extracted
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reported [40], chlorites with higher Fe/(Fe + Mg) values (>0.5) would be chamosite and those with lower values (<0.5) would be clinochlore.
Most of the trioctahedral chlorites have a high Fe/Mg ratio (>1.44) corresponding mainly to a chamosite (Fe-rich) variety.
The ore microscope observation shows that the matrix mineral components in the bauxite ores are cryptocrystalline diaspore, hematite, ferrohydrite, kaolinite, anatase, vanadium titanomagnetite and chamosite (Figs.
The minor minerals like glauconite, chamosite, chlorite and nacrite could be due to the influx of shallow marine water.
However, quartz, feldspar (such as albite/ anorthite), several clay minerals (such as micas and illites, chamosite, chlorites, kaolinite and biotite), bayerite and calcite were common in sediment samples.
Some of the sandstone units are pale green, a result of the presence of chamosite and chlorite (Ranger et al., 1984).
Authigenic silicate minerals, where present in lower strata, are invariably represented by glauconite with shifts to chamosite only in intervals where the rock is lutitic.
Chamosite [([Fe.sup.2+],Mg).sub.5][Al(OH).sub.8][AlSi.sub.3][O.sub.10]
The commonest species in sediments are the Mg- and [Fe.sup.2+] -rich trioctahedral chlorites, namely clinochlore and chamosite, and the Al-rich dioctahedral species, donbassite.
Berthierine, Odinite and Chamosite (Verdine and Oolitic Ironstone Facies) 8 Diagenesis and Very Low-Grade Metamorphism Sedimentary Series Parameters of Diagenesis.