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also cham·pac  (chăm′păk, chŭm′pŭk) or cham·pa·ca (chăm′pə-kə, chŭm′-)
An evergreen timber tree (Michelia champaca) native to India and having fragrant orange-yellow flowers that yield an oil used in perfumery.

[Hindi campak, from Sanskrit campakaḥ, of Dravidian origin; akin to Tamil caṇpakam.]
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Arnel 'Arabo' Bagamasbad, JayR 'Buwaya' Jumola and a certain Gurang were killed on Champaca Alley in Barangay North Bay Boulevard South at 2:50 a.m.
An elderly man said he saw from the window of his house Jay-Ar begging for his life before a police officer shot him in the head along Champaca street.
Investigation showed that Police Major Armando Yu dispatched operatives to conduct a Simultaneous Anti-Criminality and Law Enforcement Operation (SACLEO) along Champaca Street, Barangay 137 at around 5:50 p.m.
24 (BNA): The fragrant scent of 'bunga cempaka' (Magnolia champaca) and 'bunga tanjung' (Mimusops elengi/Spanish cherry) permeated the morning air as Professor Noor Hashim Ismail sat sipping tea in the spacious verandah of what was once his ancestral home.
An alleged drug pusher was arrested by elements of the San Pedro Police, along with agents of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) XI, in a buy-bust operation in Champaca street, Panorama subdivision, Buhangin District at 10:10 p.m.
Evaluation of neem products against Aleurodicus dispersus Russell (Aleyrodidae: Homoptera) on Bauhinia variegate and Michelia champaca. Indian Journal of Plant Protection 32: 126-128.
TABLE 1 Overview: Key characteristics of the local study sites Name Bhakarjung CFUG Janapragati CFUG Location Dhikarupokhari VDC # 5 Shaktikhor VDC # 1,5, Kaski district Siddhi VDC #2, Chitwan district Physiographic Mid-hill Inner-Terai region Total area 107.75 ha 150 ha Year of 1993 2003 handover Total 143 250 household Dominant tree Rhododendron arberium, Shorea robusta, species Myrica esculenta, Alnus Terminalia tomentosa, nepalensis, Macaranga Terminalia belerica, indica Adina cordifolia, Schima wallichii, Michelia champaca Use of forests Timber, fuelwood, Timber, fuelwood, fodder, charcoal (mostly fodder, charcoal, wild for local use) edibles.
It is surprising to see groves of sacred tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum or basil) more than 80cm high below champa trees (Michelia champaca) at almost every house, near stairs leading to the main entrance.