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Noun1.champagne cup - a punch containing a sparkling winechampagne cup - a punch containing a sparkling wine
cup - a punch served in a pitcher instead of a punch bowl
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The Tanners Shropshire have their Tanner and Champagne Cup finals at Old Shrewsbury while the Molson Coors Mid Shropshire promote an Ashton trophy double at Wrockwardine Wood from 6.30pm.
(105) A further example is a ceramic assemblage consisting of a kylix, stemmed conical bowl or small krater, champagne cup, small jug, two shallow cups, and many conical cups found in room D 1 at Chondros Viannou; the room had a central pillar and was possibly a banqueting hall.
The Bucks lie 12th, 11 points behind Shropshire rivals Shrewsbury who occupy the prized fifth spot, but Jones backed his squad to follow up their champagne Cup form with bread and butter points in the league campaign which continues with today's trip to Aldershot.
If your teammates have come home with you, prepare a CHAMPAGNE CUP: Place a block of ice in a punch bowl and add half of a pineapple cut in chunks, six slivers of cucumber rind, one pint of fresh, culled strawberries, five ounces of curacao and one quart of club soda.