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A technique of decorating metal in which areas that have been hollowed out, as by incising, are filled with colored enamel and fired.

[French : champ, field (from Old French, from Latin campus); see campus + levé, raised; see levee2.]

champ′le·vé′ adj.


(ʃɑ̃lve; English ˌʃæmpləˈveɪ)
(Ceramics) of or relating to a process of enamelling by which grooves are cut into a metal base and filled with enamel colours
(Ceramics) an object enamelled by this process
[C19: from champ field (level surface) + levé raised]


(ʃɑ̃ ləˈveɪ)

adj., n., pl. -vés (-ˈveɪ, -ˈveɪz) adj.
1. being or made by an enameling technique in which the enamel is fused onto incised or hollowed areas of a metal base.
2. the technique itself.
[1855–60; < French, past participle of champlever to lift]
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Adj.1.champleve - (for metals) having areas separated by metal and filled with colored enamel and fired
adorned, decorated - provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction
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A mid-late 19th century French champleve enamel cased carriage clock with an eight day repeater movement striking on a gong was sold for PS3,600.
The masterfully worked case bears all 12 animals of the Zodiac in champleve engraving, arranged chronologically.
El esmalte comenzo a emplearse en el ornato de las cajas prefiriendose la tecnica champleve a la cloisonne por su facil ejecucion.
Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata," Limoges, France, circa 1228-1230, champleve enamel
Enamelling dates back more than 3,000 years, but the champleve technique perfected by the workshops of medieval Limoges gave rise to the finest examples of the art, with the first collectors recorded in the early 19th century
It is understood that the cross is made of copper and decorated with Limoges champleve enamel and that it was most likely used on a small altar for troops to take communion before or after battle.
El difusionismo de los anos 1930 y 1940 encontro en esta tecnica un remedo de la Kerbschnitt y el champleve, la taracea etnicamente vinculada a inmigrantes indoeuropeos (Almagro Basch, 1939: 142), pero originaria de la peninsula.
The 18th century-inspired timepiece includes a solid silver dial which is hand engraved in a classic champleve style while the lugs and buckles have been hand forged from 19 separate pieces.
Secondly, Byzantine potters were masters of sgraffito and champleve or cut-slip, technique.
Los esmaltes romanicos tienen un soporte de cobre y la tecnica es la del campeado (champleve).
Gold, translucent and opaque champleve enamel; height: 14.8 cm.
In this case, the plaintiff successfully claimed the recovery of a pair of French gilt-bronze champleve enamel candelabra by Antoine-Louis Barye which had been stolen from her.