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Noun1.chanal - thorny shrub or small tree common in central Argentina having small orange or yellow flowers followed by edible berries
genus Geoffroea, Geoffroea - small genus of shrubs or small trees of tropical and subtropical America
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Renowned Pakistani artist Akhtar Chanal Zehri (accompanied by Ahmed Khalil on Benjo) performed the popular musical item, 'Salam Pakistan.'
This was stated by renowned Baloch folk singer Akhtar Chanal Zahri while speaking to The Express Tribune recently.
The highlight of the programme is the presence of Akhtar Chanal Zehri from Balochistan.
Since motivation is domain specific (Chanal & Guay, 2015; Guay, Ratelle, & Chanal, 2008; Guay & Bureau, 2018), we tested the properties of the SRQ-A in the domain of mathematics, a core subject in school education that has high failure rates among Portuguese students (OECD, 2016).
QUETTA -- Chairman Alhamd Trust Foundation Kharan Tufail Noor Chanal has said that the disease of cancer was rapidly spreading in district Kharan of Balochistan.
Akhtar Chanal Zehri, 62, was also presented a shawl as a token of tribute to her great contributions.
Vocalists from Punjab (Saieen Zahoor and Arif Lohar), Sindh's (Mai Dhai), Balochistan's (Akhtar Chanal Zahri) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's (Zeb and Hania) are refreshing the music scene and are appealing to the youth in particular.
Lahore Eat 2018 also included performances by Pakistan's leading talents such as Akhtar Chanal, Ali Azmat, Asim Azhar, Aura, Fuzion and Asrar.
"We have many plans for the two countries to interact with each other, we are organizing a cultural musical event on December 1, at the Muscat Holiday hotel in Al Khuwair, where we are bringing in the famous Balochi singer, Akhtar Chanal and his group.
The victim was identified as Abdul Qadir, a resident of Chanal Goth village of Bela.
He said that making of Chashma Lift Bank Chanal is need of the hour but work did not start over it.