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 (chăn′sə-lə-rē, -slə-rē)
Variant of chancellery.
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Among other things, he undertook the care of an orphaned girl, and married her to an official, the son of a poor widow, and found this man place in a certain chancellory, and in other ways benefited him.
Johnson will receive military honours outside Angela Merkel's chancellory at 6.00pm CET on Wednesday, followed by a meeting in which the two leaders will discuss bilateral and European policy issues.
Merkel greeted visiting Danish Prime Minister with military honors at the Chancellory, but she had to sit on a chair while the national anthems were played.
"The government of Berlin is in favour of direct flights to Dubai," Michael ME-ller, Mayor of Berlin, was quoted as saying in a statement sent exclusively to Arabian Business by the Senate Chancellory of the Mayor of Berlin.
Confirming the development, German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert said that Merkel will receive May in the Chancellory on Tuesday, where the two leaders are expected to hold talks on a short delay to the Brexit process, Anadolu News Agency reported.
Ms Hermenau added: "I told the Chancellory of Saxony it would be interesting to come closer together because I do see a lot of possibilities to work together as European regions, especially in the economic field and maybe in politics, culture and other areas."
Hans Lammers, chief of the Reich Chancellory, told Ley that Hitler had not, in fact, taken a position on the old age pension issue.
"To counterbalance the dearth of completed cases," Kollmann also looked at 152 criminal actions from the Military Service Chancellory and two other archives, which include 72 homicide cases, of which 30 were complete.
Hitler's bachelor life stirred rumours and the Nazi regime relied on the dictator's three dwellings - the Old Chancellory in Berlin, his apartment in Munich, and the Berghof, his mountain home on the Obersalzberg - to foster the myth of the Fuhrer as a morally upstanding man.
Stefan Pehringer, a foreign policy adviser to the Austrian federal chancellory, reports the Kyrgyz Embassy in Vienna.
This research is supported by High Impact Research Chancellory Grant UM.C/625/1/HIR/228 (J55001-73873) from the University of Malaya.
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