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 (chăn′sə-lə-rē, -slə-rē)
Variant of chancellery.
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Among other things, he undertook the care of an orphaned girl, and married her to an official, the son of a poor widow, and found this man place in a certain chancellory, and in other ways benefited him.
Hitler's bachelor life stirred rumours and the Nazi regime relied on the dictator's three dwellings - the Old Chancellory in Berlin, his apartment in Munich, and the Berghof, his mountain home on the Obersalzberg - to foster the myth of the Fuhrer as a morally upstanding man.
Stefan Pehringer, a foreign policy adviser to the Austrian federal chancellory, reports the Kyrgyz Embassy in Vienna.
Gabriele Heinish-Hosek, "Welcome to the topic 'Women and Equality' of the Federal Minister for Women and the Civil Service," Division for Women and Gender Equality, Austrian Federal Chancellory, http://www.
He was then interrogated rogated for two and half days, but his questioning was halted on Easter (April 6), when the 52 Americans were taken back to the chancellory to meet with Red Cross representatives and a group of ministers.
Other photos include a shot of a 16th century Italian painting that used to grace the walls of the bunker, Hitler's desk with papers lying around, a bust of the dictator, an American soldier giving the Hitler salute in the wrecked Sportspalast stadium in Berlin and Russian soldiers moving a huge bronze swastika, which previously stood over the entrance to the Reich Chancellory.
in the year 1528 denied the Host to those who would not pay Peter's pence, the annual feudal tax owed to the papal see by English landowners, parishioners sued them before the chancellory Beyond the obvious spiritual punishment implicit in refusing the Host to a parishioner, receiving communion at Easter was referred to by the English as ""taking one's rights" .
Merkel and Sarkozy, at a joint news conference at the chancellory office in
One of my tasks will be to convince Serbia that it must resume dialogue with Kosovo," said Merkel in her weekly podcast broadcast on the Chancellory website on Saturday.
His son Mike, 10, demonstrated outside the Chancellory headquarters of Helmut schmidt with a sign around his neck saying; "Mr federal chancellor, I want my mommy back.
Their bodies were partially burned by aides and hastily buried in the Chancellory garden.