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A sudden, steep climbing turn of an aircraft, executed to alter flight direction and gain altitude simultaneously.
intr.v. chan·delled, chan·dell·ing, chan·dells
To execute a chandelle.

[French, from chandelle, candle, from Old French, from Latin candēla; see candle.]


(ʃænˈdɛl; French ʃɑ̃dɛl)
(Aeronautics) aeronautics an abrupt climbing turn almost to the point of stalling, in which an aircraft's momentum is used to increase its rate of climb
(Aeronautics) (intr) to carry out a chandelle
[French, literally: candle]


(ʃænˈdɛl, ʃɑ̃-)

an abrupt climbing turn in which an aircraft almost stalls while using its momentum to gain a higher rate of climb.
[1915–20; < French: literally, candle]


Past participle: chandelled
Gerund: chandelling

I chandelle
you chandelle
he/she/it chandelles
we chandelle
you chandelle
they chandelle
I chandelled
you chandelled
he/she/it chandelled
we chandelled
you chandelled
they chandelled
Present Continuous
I am chandelling
you are chandelling
he/she/it is chandelling
we are chandelling
you are chandelling
they are chandelling
Present Perfect
I have chandelled
you have chandelled
he/she/it has chandelled
we have chandelled
you have chandelled
they have chandelled
Past Continuous
I was chandelling
you were chandelling
he/she/it was chandelling
we were chandelling
you were chandelling
they were chandelling
Past Perfect
I had chandelled
you had chandelled
he/she/it had chandelled
we had chandelled
you had chandelled
they had chandelled
I will chandelle
you will chandelle
he/she/it will chandelle
we will chandelle
you will chandelle
they will chandelle
Future Perfect
I will have chandelled
you will have chandelled
he/she/it will have chandelled
we will have chandelled
you will have chandelled
they will have chandelled
Future Continuous
I will be chandelling
you will be chandelling
he/she/it will be chandelling
we will be chandelling
you will be chandelling
they will be chandelling
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been chandelling
you have been chandelling
he/she/it has been chandelling
we have been chandelling
you have been chandelling
they have been chandelling
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been chandelling
you will have been chandelling
he/she/it will have been chandelling
we will have been chandelling
you will have been chandelling
they will have been chandelling
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been chandelling
you had been chandelling
he/she/it had been chandelling
we had been chandelling
you had been chandelling
they had been chandelling
I would chandelle
you would chandelle
he/she/it would chandelle
we would chandelle
you would chandelle
they would chandelle
Past Conditional
I would have chandelled
you would have chandelled
he/she/it would have chandelled
we would have chandelled
you would have chandelled
they would have chandelled
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Noun1.chandelle - a flight maneuver consisting of a steep climbing turn executed to gain altitude while changing direction
airplane maneuver, flight maneuver - a maneuver executed by an aircraft
Verb1.chandelle - climb suddenly and steeply; "The airplane chandelled"
air travel, aviation, air - travel via aircraft; "air travel involves too much waiting in airports"; "if you've time to spare go by air"
go up, rise, move up, lift, arise, come up, uprise - move upward; "The fog lifted"; "The smoke arose from the forest fire"; "The mist uprose from the meadows"
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Concernant les resultats de l'enquete sur l'incendie survenu le 5 fevrier 2018 dans le college 25 juillet de Thala, le ministre a fait savoir que l'inspection generale administrative et financiere au ministere de l'education a ecarte l'hypothese d'un court-circuit, faisant plutot prevaloir la piste liee a une cigarette ou a une chandelle, indiquant que seules les analyses actuellement menees au niveau des laboratoires centraux confirmeraient ou infirmeraient cette hypothese.
The stations all had a different presentation, ranging from rabbit to high-flying chandelle.
In 1987, Van Berg became the first trainer to win 5,000 races when he saddled Arts Chandelle to victory at Arlington International Race Course.
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Further, while soleil occurs five times, chandelle, lampe and lanterne twice each, lumiere is used six times in the novel; and, ceil twice and yeux 15 times.
Ainsi lisonsnous: << Autrefois>>, << Nos ancetres s'eclairaient a la chandelle et deposaient leurs ECONOMIES dans le traditionnel "Bas de Laine">>; << Aujourd'hui>>, <<Nous nous eclairons a l'electricite et deposons nos ECONOMIES a l'endroit le plus sur>>.
Alongside celebrated artists like Guido Reni and Guercino are also the obscure, like the mysterious Provencal painter Trophime Bigot, also known as the Maltre a la Chandelle, who worked in Rome in the early 17th century.
feuilles Bois de chandelle marron Badula borbonica A.
La preparation du rituel du pansula se traduit d'abord par la mise en place de plusieurs elements indispensables: la tige de fer (bakal), la chandelle (candila) et la hachette (palakol).
He took off his green-tinted, aviator sunglasses, a fashion carryover of his private pilot license days and his student pilot lessons from a German flight instructor who showed him chandelle flying in a post-bellic sky.
Si la periode qui precede cette revolution joue du chiaroscurro des pieces a demi eclairees par la chandelle, elle reste neanmoins marquee par les tenebres et les terreurs qui en decoulent.