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1. One that makes or sells candles.
2. A dealer in nautical supplies.

[Middle English chaundeler, from Old French chandelier, from Vulgar Latin *candēlārius, from Latin candēla, candle; see candle.]

chan′dler·y (chănd′lə-rē) n.


n, pl -dleries
1. (Commerce) the business, warehouse, or merchandise of a chandler
2. a place where candles are kept


(ˈtʃænd lə ri, ˈtʃɑnd-)

n., pl. -dler•ies.
1. a storeroom for candles.
2. the business or wares of a chandler.
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Noun1.chandlery - candles and other commodities sold by a chandler
candle, wax light, taper - stick of wax with a wick in the middle
2.chandlery - a storeroom where candles are kept
storage room, storeroom, stowage - a room in which things are stored
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For the latter hub, DPA illuminated maps and chandleries, while exhibits such as interactive models and history stations required a less intensive approach to illumination.
The interior of glass bead curtains, satin cushions and low-lit chandleries give this venue a bit of swanky appeal.