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1. One that makes or sells candles.
2. A dealer in nautical supplies.

[Middle English chaundeler, from Old French chandelier, from Vulgar Latin *candēlārius, from Latin candēla, candle; see candle.]

chan′dler·y (chănd′lə-rē) n.


n, pl -dleries
1. (Commerce) the business, warehouse, or merchandise of a chandler
2. a place where candles are kept


(ˈtʃænd lə ri, ˈtʃɑnd-)

n., pl. -dler•ies.
1. a storeroom for candles.
2. the business or wares of a chandler.
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Noun1.chandlery - candles and other commodities sold by a chandler
candle, wax light, taper - stick of wax with a wick in the middle
2.chandlery - a storeroom where candles are kept
storage room, storeroom, stowage - a room in which things are stored
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The interior of glass bead curtains, satin cushions and low-lit chandleries give this venue a bit of swanky appeal.
Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a slightly overwhelmed novice, there will be hundreds of exhibitors from all over the UK there to help you including builders and fitters, chandleries, canal societies, arts and crafts, plus leisure wear retailers.
There is an agreement that there will not be restaurants and shops in the marina development, other than chandleries.