change of pace

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change′ of pace′

1. a temporary variation in a normal routine.
2. Also called change′-up`. a baseball pitch thrown like a fastball but, because of the pitcher's grip, is deceptively slower.
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On the set of 'Citizen Jake,' they took their time and were not in a rush-a welcome change of pace from her usual grind in today's high-pressure, breakneck teleserye landscape.
It is a refreshing change of pace for Cam and her hotness just pulls it off.
And while it's true that many of their songs fit the same basic pattern - poetic verses launching into driving ceilidh riffs - they produced a highly effective change of pace for the first half of extra-time when they popped up on a peripheral stage to offer poignant pared-down versions of Where Are You Now and Reminder.
Rahman have teamed up on the score of Alex Kurtzman's 'People Like Us', thereby marking a change of pace for both artists.
A rare change of pace this week, as we give over some of our pages to a focus on Riverside Park industrial estate, with a look at some of the firms involved and what they have been doing to boost the Teesside economy.
But we know the qualities he brings, he can go off people's shoulders and he has that little change of pace that takes him away from people.
THERE is a change of pace for World Twenty20 finalists Sri Lanka and Pakistan as they meet in a three-Test series which starts tomorrow morning, writes James Milton.
And Angelina is happy about the change of pace from recent roles.
Hoping to inspire other seniors to take a similar initiative in living their own lives, "A Life of Creative Business" is highly recommended reading, especially for anyone over fifty and wanting a change of pace.
Given that many Oscar ceremonies begin with a killer opening only for everything to go downhill from there, Sunday's telecast was a refreshing change of pace.
Being in the great outdoors is not only a great change of pace, but it's good for you.
Located at 232 West 14th Street, between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, El Rey del Sol, a colorful hideaway in the West Village, offers a change of pace from the typical holiday party.