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Verb1.change posture - undergo a change in bodily posture
change - undergo a change; become different in essence; losing one's or its original nature; "She changed completely as she grew older"; "The weather changed last night"
straighten - get up from a sitting or slouching position; "The students straightened when the teacher entered"
get up, stand up, rise, arise, uprise - rise to one's feet; "The audience got up and applauded"
fall - drop oneself to a lower or less erect position; "She fell back in her chair"; "He fell to his knees"
fall down, fall - lose an upright position suddenly; "The vase fell over and the water spilled onto the table"; "Her hair fell across her forehead"
right - regain an upright or proper position; "The capsized boat righted again"
sit down, sit - take a seat
lie down, lie - assume a reclining position; "lie down on the bed until you feel better"
drop down, sink, drop - fall or descend to a lower place or level; "He sank to his knees"
hump, hunch, hunch forward, hunch over - round one's back by bending forward and drawing the shoulders forward
straighten, unbend - straighten up or out; make straight
bow - bend the head or the upper part of the body in a gesture of respect or greeting; "He bowed before the King"
uncurl - move out of a curled position; "He uncurled himself"
sit up - change to an upright sitting position; "He sat up in bed"
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PTI in general and IK himself in particular, will have to change posture from being rhetorically critical to being constructively communicative.
Even without injury or pain, perception of threat or risk can be enough to change posture or movement control; e.g., fear resulting from balancing near the edge of an elevated surface is associated with worse balance performance.
The company has tapped into science of muscle memory as a catalyst to change posture. Poze is designed to be discreet, silent and invisible on the outside, allowing you to correct posture without anyone knowing.
As the carried electrical lines ascend a hill, the pylon-figures change posture, imitating a climbing person.
The Korean researchers behind this study concluded that by pushing our centre of gravity forwards and upwards, high heels force us to constantly change posture just to keep balanced, leading to an increased risk of ankle injuries.
"This might mean giving workers the opportunity to move and change posture throughout the day, the ability to choose where they want to work based on their need to focus or do creative work, either individually or in teams, or the chance to rejuvenate and build connections with people in a social setting.
For example, is there an opportunity to shift weight, rest one leg higher than the other, walk, sit, lean or otherwise change posture?
Pre-Shoot Measure Outcome/ "So What" Mobility Flexibility to Change Reduced flexibility to Posture change posture during transition to upright stance.
Fit chunks of activity into your day, things that get your heart beating faster and make you feel slightly out of breath so you reach the recommended 30 minutes, five times a week; * Change posture and keep moving.
"We want to know how are they able to hop fast - even when they are quite heavy - and not change posture," said Alexis Wiktorowicz-Conroy at the Royal Veterinary College.