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Noun1.change-up - a baseball thrown with little velocity when the batter is expecting a fastball
pitch, delivery - (baseball) the act of throwing a baseball by a pitcher to a batter
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Pitchers who have learned the fastball will move onto the next couple of (Bracket) drills, starting with the change-up.
Change the workout tempo and/or "time under load": Another extremely effective change-up technique is to quicken the workout pace by allowing less time between sets and exercises.
The first pitch I got was a change-up, and all game long (Howell) was throwing change-ups and we were all hitting them into the ground and getting crappy pitches," Nieto said.
Those pitches include a change-up, cutter, occasional slider, a rare curveball, and of course a fastball --
He should not end this session until he finds his "feel" pitches, such as his change-up.
All of the above - grip, wrist action, arm action, release point, and reduced backside - make for a great change-up.
The keys lie in mixing up the repertoire, throwing all pitches for strikes, throwing the change-up on any count, and throwing every pitch with the same motion.
As far as my contemporaries go, I enjoyed watching Andy Messersmith pitch, especially after he developed his change-up.
Start by stretching out your fingers and squeezing a softball - using your fastball, curveball, and change-up grips.
The "Waggle Curl" is the first change-up we teach, and we run it only to the playside split-end, as shown in Diag.
I got a little tired and started to leave my change-up up," said Leake, the reigning Pac-10 pitcher of the year whose ERA rose to a conference-best 1.
Off-speed nature of pitch enables it to be used as a change-up.