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Noun1.changelessness - the property of remaining unchanged
durability, enduringness, lastingness, strength - permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force; "they advertised the durability of their products"
2.changelessness - the quality of being unchangeablechangelessness - the quality of being unchangeable; having a marked tendency to remain unchanged
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
absoluteness - the quality of being absolute; "the absoluteness of the pope's decree could not be challenged"
constancy, stability - the quality of being enduring and free from change or variation; "early mariners relied on the constancy of the trade winds"
innateness - the quality of being innate
irreversibility - the quality of being irreversible (once done it cannot be changed)
invariableness, invariance, invariability - the quality of being resistant to variation
unalterability, fixedness - the quality of being fixed and unchangeable; "the fixedness of his gaze upset her"
unexchangeability - the quality of being incapable of exchange or interchange
immutability, immutableness, fixity - the quality of being incapable of mutation; "Darwin challenged the fixity of species"
changeability, changeableness - the quality of being changeable; having a marked tendency to change; "the changeableness of the weather"
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After each metaphysical argument, he directs the reader's attention to texts from other books of Scripture, all revealing the authority, changelessness, dignity, or incomprehensibility of God; and then he shows how John presents Christ in terms of these same divine attributes in the first chapter of his Gospel.
13) God's immutability offers no homology to the created conditions of temporality and marks the divine transcendence with the absolute perfection that changelessness and timelessness logically require.
In the case of the Hispanic authors under study, these narratives provide a criticism of modernity that values a counter-modern experience of time exhibited in an affinity for the atemporality of nature, an idealized past, or an encounter with an underlying metaphysical essence of changelessness.
at his ease") that factory workers did not possess, and in its suggestion of changelessness, formally encoded in the repeated refrain, "And still thou flowest on, bright stream.
The stability and changelessness that the ending maintains sacrifices gaiety, liveliness, sophistication, and independence (Brissenden 169), the very qualities that seem so deeply embedded in the future held out to Elizabeth Bennet when she rejoices that her happiness exceeds that of her sister Jane since she goes beyond smiling into the realm of laughter.
He focuses the reader's attention on geology, the fluid tectonic nature of landscapes that, on the scale of a human lifespan, seem poised between changelessness and catastrophe.
But as we have seen, changelessness constitutes existence.
In their respective utopian projects, Morris was equally susceptible to the dynamism of history and the changelessness of a distant past; Benson steered his imagined community toward an ultimate change; Read brought the protagonist to rejecting life and reality for the sake of a timeless order.
True, they do want wealth, and greed is a vice they certainly have, but in this too they are not unlike all who inhabit Middle-earth, where the Dwarves' greed for gold and Men's lust for power is matched by the avaricious compulsion of the Elves to keep things in a state of pure changelessness.
Subversive in their role as 'passable imitation[s] / of what went before', or (in 'Aisling's' related terms of relieving like with like) in their operation as a life-saving but bitter 'saline / drip into [the] bag of brine' of the Irish body politic (figured in Muldoon's poem as 'the latest hunger-striker / to have called off his fast' as the cost of political absolutism on both sides begins to register), such poems with their broken body lines, are artifices of change vitally signalled through the dead-skin codes of changelessness in (post)colonial power relations.
There is a changelessness to the event - someone who first attended 10 years ago, or 20, will recognize the place and the people right away.
It is not only their isolation that has enabled them to preserve ancient ways of life, however, but also that they regard changelessness as being of the highest value .