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intr.v. chan·nel-surfed, chan·nel-surf·ing, chan·nel-surfs
To watch a number of different television stations in rapid succession by using a remote control.

channel surfer n.


the US equivalent of channel-hopping
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The battle for the future of channel-surfing heated up Friday when the Obama administration urged the Federal Communications Commission to open up cable set-top boxes, a move supporters say would allow third-party companies to improve the TV experience for viewers by releasing the stranglehold the cable industry has over how programs are packaged.
Here's a quick channel-surfing excursion through recent television news items: Nexstar, Charter and TEGNA are all set to announce their latest financials, Bounce parts with with Cosby and Luken inks an affiliate.
Heading home, turning the TV on and channel-surfing is something that a lot of us do every day," Yahoo's director of product management, Robby Stein, wrote in a blog post an nouncing the new app.
These records told dense, non-linear stories, with scenes linked by the logic of dreams, puns, free association, late-night channel-surfing, and a psychedelic anti-authoritarianism that wasn't so different from the libertarian politics of The Prisoner or the Illuminatus
This six-episode series was commissioned before that pilot was even screened - and it has kept the same channel-surfing format that bombards you with rapid fire sketches.
The challenge has grown more severe through the years, as channels have proliferated and TV-watchers have come to rely on channel-surfing or on the scrolling guides the cable companies provide.
Thanks to the growth of the fine art of channel-surfing and the science of TV commercial denial, the television ad has become moot.
But a channel-surfing viewer who flicked on to Konnie Huq (right) slaughtering Whole Again could have been forgiven for thinking they were watching C4's Torture season.
Despite the feeling of channel-surfing, the evening delivered an introduction to many of the talented choreographers who have made Boston home base.
As recently as this time last year, he remembers thinking to himself while channel-surfing past a game, ``Thank God I'm not there.
Channel-surfing couch potatoes definitely fails to describe this group of men and women, including those at the younger end of the spectrum.
If this summer's made-for-TV Bush and Gore coronations give you an itchy channel-surfing finger, imagine a convention with actual suspense.