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intr.v. chan·nel-surfed, chan·nel-surf·ing, chan·nel-surfs
To watch a number of different television stations in rapid succession by using a remote control.

channel surfer n.
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the US equivalent of channel-hopping
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Thanks to a channel-surfing night, I landed on Shark Tank, where I heard the founder of Noene pitch this revolutionary, Swiss-made, high-tech under-sole ($29,99) that's thinner than a dime.
We're happy to report that we've discovered another viewing gem in the course of our channel-surfing adventures that you too could find worth your time and cup of tea: NBC's 'Machine Impossible.'
The battle for the future of channel-surfing heated up Friday when the Obama administration urged the Federal Communications Commission to open up cable set-top boxes, a move supporters say would allow third-party companies to improve the TV experience for viewers by releasing the stranglehold the cable industry has over how programs are packaged.
Here's a quick channel-surfing excursion through recent television news items: Nexstar, Charter and TEGNA are all set to announce their latest financials, Bounce parts with with Cosby and Luken inks an affiliate.
Kramer while channel-surfing. Speaking no English, Rashoud doesn't understand the plot and projects his sentimental idealizations onto the actress.
People are more likely to discover shows through face-to-face communication, email and channel-surfing than via Facebook or Twitter.
"Heading home, turning the TV on and channel-surfing is something that a lot of us do every day," Yahoo's director of product management, Robby Stein, wrote in a blog post an nouncing the new app.
No doubt, men are notorious for channel-surfing with the remote in hand.
At home, we can challenge one another to give up email or channel-surfing for a bit and get messages from nature.
Channel-surfing on a bored midweek night, I idly tuned into a programme of the allegedly funniest events of last year.
I had first gotten interested in the Jerry Falwells, Pat Robertsons, Jimmy Swaggarts, and Tammy Fay Bakkers of the world while channel-surfing at my American in-laws'.