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also chan·ty (shăn′tē, chăn′-) or shan·tey or shan·ty (shăn′tē)
n. pl. chan·teys also chan·ties or shan·teys or shan·ties
A song sung by sailors to the rhythm of their movements while working.

[Probably from French chantez, imperative pl. of chanter, to sing, from Old French; see chant.]


(ˈʃæntɪ; ˈtʃæn-)
n, pl -teys
(Music, other) the usual US spelling of shanty2


or chant•y

(ˈʃæn ti, ˈtʃæn-)

n., pl. chant•eys or chant•ies.
a sailors' song, esp. one sung in rhythm to work.
[1855–60; alter. of French chanter to sing; see chant]
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Noun1.chantey - a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors
work song - a usually rhythmical song to accompany repetitious work


[ˈʃæntɪ] N (US) → saloma f
References in classic literature ?
Danny Deever,' 'Pharaoh and the Sergeant,' 'Fuzzy Wuzzy,' 'The Ballad of East and West,' 'The Last Chantey,' 'Mulholland's Contract,' and many others, are splendidly stirring, but their colloquialism and general realism put them on a very different level from the work of the great masters who express the deeper truths in forms of permanent beauty.
A big Hamburger was leaving Pont Levis and her crew, unshipping the platform railings, began to sing "Elsinore"--the oldest of our chanteys.
The work will feature a song composed by the last princess of Hawaii with slack-key guitar, a Newfoundland sea chantey, a traditional song of the Maori and an arrangement of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame.
A 'sea shanty, chantey or chanty' is a type of work song that was once commonly sung on board sailing vessels.
And a tavern full of pirates growl their way through a feminist chantey ("We say yo ho but we don't say ho'/'Cause ho' is disrespectful, yo.
The author would compose some of his poems along with his nieces, ages four and two, by marching around while singing and chanting "a poem in the making"--in this case, "The Sea Serpent Chantey," a recording of which appears in this collection.
Redemption is a major theme of Afrofuturism, and Edgar Arceneaux's "Slave Ship Zongseries of drawings, 2013--, might take as its companion the Otolith Group's 20 10 science-fiction film Hydra Dearpita, whose underwater imagery is accompanied by a plaintive sea chantey invoking a poignant myth invented by the techno group Drexciya, wherein countless slaves lost to famine and murder and thrown to the sea during the Middle Passage arc reborn as the progenitors of an underwater civilization.
Juby crooned church spirituals to Coon and sang chantey songs to make his tail wag.
The band Bloody Blackbeard kicked off the evening with original songs and sea chantey sing-a-longs.
Curry's slender but well-projected lyric tenor sailed through "A Wandering Minstrel I" with ease, navigating its shifting rhythmic demands as it goes from a ballad to a march to a sea chantey.
Captain Purplebeard and his scurvy, cutthroat crew hear a sea chantey that tells them of a treasure they long to find, hidden on a vanishing island.