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also chan·ty (shăn′tē, chăn′-) or shan·tey or shan·ty (shăn′tē)
n. pl. chan·teys also chan·ties or shan·teys or shan·ties
A song sung by sailors to the rhythm of their movements while working.

[Probably from French chantez, imperative pl. of chanter, to sing, from Old French; see chant.]


(ˈʃæntɪ; ˈtʃæn-)
n, pl -teys
(Music, other) the usual US spelling of shanty2


or chant•y

(ˈʃæn ti, ˈtʃæn-)

n., pl. chant•eys or chant•ies.
a sailors' song, esp. one sung in rhythm to work.
[1855–60; alter. of French chanter to sing; see chant]
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Noun1.chantey - a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors
work song - a usually rhythmical song to accompany repetitious work


[ˈʃæntɪ] N (US) → saloma f
References in classic literature ?
By this time the singing stage was reached, and I joined Scotty and the harpooner in snatches of sea songs and chanties.
One of the most poignant performances on the disk is "Across the Western Ocean," one of the Five Sea Chanties.
An array of artistic and musical performances were then held to introduce the "famous chanties, unique customs and people's rituals" of Vietnam.
If the social ties and ligaments, spun out of those physical relations which are the elements of the commonwealth, in most cases begin, and always continue, independently of our will, so without any stipulation, on our part, are we bound by that relation called our country, which comprehends (as it has been well said) "all the chanties of all.
See also Michael Chesterman, Chanties, Trusts and Social Welfare (London, UK: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1979) at para 74.
Well, I never sang any such of a thing, though I did hear chanties like
Our store managers belong to local business and community groups, and London Drugs donates significant time and dollars to many local chanties.
25) Laura Alexandrine Smith, The Music of the Waters: A Collection of the Sailors' Chanties, or Working Songs of the Sea, of All Maritime Nations, Boatmen's, Fishermen's, and Rowing Songs, and Water-Legends (London: Kegan, Paul, Trench, 1888), pp.
If the origins ofGuy'sCliffeweremostly religious, the Reformation and abolition of chanties shifted it into the secular domain.