chaotic attractor

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Noun1.chaotic attractor - an attractor for which the approach to its final point in phase space is chaotic
attracter, attractor - (physics) a point in the ideal multidimensional phase space that is used to describe a system toward which the system tends to evolve regardless of the starting conditions of the system
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Many engineering problems can only be resolved by driving a chaotic attractor in a periodic orbit.
As noted, the complexity of the chaotic attractor under real-time information is smaller than that under only historical or combined historical and realtime information.
The trajectories of chaotic attractor are swirling around one of the two equilibrium points in Figure 4.
The phase diagrams listed in Figure 1 show that the chaotic attractor trajectory has ergodicity and boundedness in a specific attraction domain.
Caption: Figure 10: Two-dimensional projections ([x.sub.1] - [x.sub.2]) of five coexisting attractors for [a.sub.2] = 2.71 (a pair of chaotic attractors, a pair of period-1 limit cycle, and a symmetric chaotic attractor) with the rest of system's parameters as follows: b = [a.sub.1] = 3, [a.sub.0] = 1.75, [a.sub.3] = 1, [a.sub.4] = 0.0054.
This work follows [34] and adopts [[beta].sub.3] = 4.5 with chaotic attractor in continuous-time and Poincare map shown in Figure 4.
Under different gear damping ratio [zeta] = 0.001, 0.02, 0.06 and 0.1, chaotic attractor is not the same shape, as shown in Fig.
Figure 3(b) shows the routes to chaos of the system (2), and the system transforms into two-scroll hyperchaotic attractor from one-scroll chaotic attractor. When the circuit parameter [rho] increases further, the system transforms into three-scroll hyperchaotic attractor from two-scroll hyperchaotic attractor.
The stable region, bifurcation, and chaos will be investigated; meanwhile, the largest Lyapunov exponent, entropy, chaotic attractor, and the time domain response will be discussed to verify the dynamic characteristics of this system.
At the mature stage of a hurricane, direct estimation of the leading Lyapunov exponent using an axisymmetric model reveals, nevertheless, the existence of a chaotic attractor in the phase space of the hurricane scales.
Lorenz found the first chaotic attractor [12] in a three-dimensional autonomous system.
Ueta, "Yet Another Chaotic Attractor", International Journal on Bifurcation and Chaos, Vol.