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Noun1.chapelgoer - a Protestant in England who is not a member of the Church of England
Protestant - an adherent of Protestantism
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"We've got a number of features on the station including one which follows a chapelgoer as he does missionary work around the world.
Monday's convinced Socialist, was very apt to be Sunday's chapelgoer.
Canine chapelgoer Teddy has become something of a celebrity at the regular Sunday services at the Rehoboth Chapel, in Llanelli.
But I find it weird to think of that old couple - my grandmother was by that time a pious chapelgoer - sitting on their secret throughout that visit, and in effect lying like troopers by welcoming Maud as their niece.
The regular chapelgoer spent almost a century at the family's farm at Aber Cwm Eiddew, Upper Corris, before moving to the care home.
Miss Pugh, who had two brothers and a sister, has been a regular chapelgoer throughout her life.
MY Taid was a chapelgoer. You could say he attended religiously, if you wanted to make a bad joke.