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 (chăp′fô′lən) also chop·fall·en (chŏp′-)
Being in low spirits; dejected and disheartened.

[From obsolete chaps, alteration of chops.]


(ˈtʃæpˌfɔːlən) or


dejected; downhearted; crestfallen
[C16: from chops + fallen]


(ˈtʃɒpˌfɔ lən, ˈtʃæp-)

also chopfallen

dejected; dispirited.
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Adj.1.chapfallen - brought low in spirit; "left us fatigued and deflated spiritually"
dejected - affected or marked by low spirits; "is dejected but trying to look cheerful"
References in classic literature ?
Don Quixote was getting up to chastise him, but he took to his heels at such a pace that no one attempted to follow him; and mightily chapfallen was Don Quixote at Andres' story, and the others had to take great care to restrain their laughter so as not to put him entirely out of countenance.
His appearance caused shouts of merriment in the camp,--but Tom for once could not join in the mirth raised at his expense: he was completely chapfallen, and apparently cured of the hunting mania for the rest of his life.
The power he longed for could not be represented by agitated fingers clutching a heap of coin, or by the half-barbarous, half-idiotic triumph in the eyes of a man who sweeps within his arms the ventures of twenty chapfallen companions.