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Laurence's cherry-bounce." (Hannah's pronunciation of charabanc.)
BREXIT continues to be an apocalyptic promise at the tail end of summer with bungling Boris at the wheel of the charabanc driving the UK off the end of the White Cliffs of Dover.
Ian Bott will be making a very welcome return to take us all on A Magical Midlands Mystery Tour, based on "charabanc" tours he took around numerous places of interest in the 1960s.
Maybe, in these days of social media, there's less desire for physical contact, or singing lustily in the beery charabanc returning from the seaside.
If one couldn't afford a bus then a charabanc was used, especially for Sunday school outings, and eventually a visit to the seaside for Butlins.
A KINDLY reader from Rhiwbina has sent me a postcard photograph taken outside an Hancocks pub which shows her great aunt sitting with others in a charabanc.
If she insists on handing out ermine with a PS305 daily tax-free allowance to another charabanc of Conservative has-beens and never-weres Mrs May will quickly discover it goes down like a lead balloon with the public.
Who today can identify a charabanc, a dos-a-dos or even a phaeton?
The topics include Maria Jones and Charabanc: popular theater in and for Northern Ireland, purchasing power: material culture and the function of America in her post-Charabanc plays, an alternative peace process: violence and reconciliation in her plays, masculinity and the performance of gendered identities in her plays, and popular feminisms and the radical within: menopausal women's desire for visibility in her Women on the Verge of HRT.
Consequently, the publication of The Theatre of Marie Jones: Telling Stories from the Ground Up, a volume of essays and interviews edited by Eugene McNulty and Tom Maguire, and ranging across the whole of Jones's oeuvre from her early Charabanc days to the present, is to be welcomed as the kind of book that the bemused reviewer sorely needed.
There'll be a couple of reindeer and Father Christmas arriving in style on a vintage charabanc!