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Early development and allometric growth in hatchery-reared characin Brycon orbignyanus.
Within flood season variation in fruit consumption and seed dispersal by two characin fishes of the Amazon.
Take a walk through the Flooded Forest exhibition to discover freshwater fish of South America, such as the Black Pacu, the largest member of the Characin family.
On curimatid characin fishes having an incomplete lateral line, with a note on the peculiar sexual dimorphism of Curimatopsis macrolepis.
Otherwise, the omnivores group was composed only of three characin species and two of them changed to the invertivores group in Site 3, indicating that species diet was induced by local availability of food resources.
The effect of dietary MOS on fish intestinal morphology was described for several economic important fish species (Dimitroglou et al., 2010a, 2010b; Genc et al., 2007; Pryor et al., 2003; Salze et al., 2008; Zhou et al., 2010) including the Brazilian Neotropical characin fish pacu, Piaractus mesopotamicus (Sado et al., 2014a).
A new cyprinid genus and species and a new characin from Portuguese East Africa.
WEB FEAT: George's giant spider; TIME OUT: Gordon takes a break on his amazing trip; SHARP END: Steve with a sabretooth characin; WEB CAST: The whipspider is a rare sight but the Scots got close up; SCALE NEW HEIGHTS: An Amazon forest dragon; ON THE UP: The boat is dragged up Kaieteur Falls; SMALL WORLD: Crazy caterpillar, Harpy Eagle, antwren chicks and horned frog; PICTURES: BBC