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Noun1.character printer - a printer that prints a single character at a time
daisywheel printer - a printer that uses a daisy print wheel
printing machine, printer - a machine that prints
teleprinter, teletype machine, teletypewriter, telex, telex machine - a character printer connected to a telegraph that operates like a typewriter
stock ticker, ticker - a character printer that automatically prints stock quotations on ticker tape
typewriter - hand-operated character printer for printing written messages one character at a time
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The new P5000 H-Series 800 lpm Chinese character printer is based on a flexible design that supports a wide array of print resolutions.
Linx Printing Technologies has expanded its range of inks for the Linx IJ600 high-definition large character printer, offering customers the choice of several pigmented inks to suit a wide variety of end-user Large Character Marking (LCM) needs.
In addition, this large character printer can print high quality bar codes that meet UCC/EAN specifications.