Relating to, based on, or determined by the character of a person or group: "[Ivanov's] wallowing in that great Russian characterological weakness, melancholy" (Peter D. Kramer).

[From characterology, the psychological study of character and personality.]

char′ac·ter·o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌkær ɪk tər əˈlɒdʒ ɪ kəl)
of or pertaining to character or to the study of character and personality.
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Although the diagnosis of BPD may be helpful for identification of behaviors when consulting with other mental health professionals, the stigma attached to the label may provide a disservice to the client by mislabeling the behaviors as characterological rather than coping behaviors (Miller, 1994).
Rather, each individual can recognize, and cultivate, those emotional and characterological possibilities available to him (given his history, biological make-up, and so forth).
However, what seems to emerge is that as the level of aggression increases, so does the likelihood of a characterological influence (i.e., a chronic, pervasive, and inflexible pattern of maladaptive perceiving and responding; O'Leary, 1993).
On one hand, results of some studies supported prior dose--effect findings, although they needed qualification when examining acute, chronic, and characterological components of depression (for example, Barkham et al., 1996).
I do not wish to live in a didactic culture, one that believes and acts on the notion of a one-to-one correspondence between auditory stimuli and characterological effects.
The characterological qualities often found in Brown's portrait poems include stoicism, philosophical indifference, tonic shrewdness, and the like.
Renshon describes the kind of president we ought to have (i.e., the "good enough President") as ambitious, yet possessing "some set of ideals, standards that help him to go beyond his own ambitions," a person who is "able to correct his course, not on the basis of political or personal expediency but on the basis of fuller, deeper, richer understanding." If this portrait of a chief executive sounds too good to be true, "It is perhaps a measure of our current state that this clinically derived characterological outcome, drawn from analytic experience, not from a fantasy of an ideal type, seems so far removed from our realistic expectations."
is on to something few moderns would wish to believe in:the human head as characterological map." Show me what you look like and I will tell you who you are.
A study examining type of coping with psychological adjustment found that characterological (internal attribution to one's personal traits) but not behavioral (internal attribution to one's actions) self-blame was related to greater maladjustment.
Family Systems Theory will help us to understand the Hobson family as a significant narrative and structural element; this interpretive tool helps illuminate the characterological issues and problems of the novel.
Tarantino's figuration of the film flame in Inglourious Basterds transforms reading into a question of characterological (letteral), narrative, and generic framing.
If a patient is in intensive (two or more times per week) psychotherapy or psychoanalysis with a treatment goal of making significant characterological change, the therapist should be less revealing of himself.