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 (shär-ko͞o′tə-rē′, -ko͞o′tə-rē)
1. Sausages, ham, pâtés, and other cooked or processed meat foods.
2. A delicatessen specializing in such foods.

[French, from chaircuicterie : chair, meat (from Latin carō, flesh; see carnage) + cuict, cuit, cooked (from Latin coctus, past participle of coquere; see cook).]


1. (Cookery) cooked cold meats
2. (Commerce) a shop selling cooked cold meats


(ʃɑrˌku təˈri, ʃɑrˈku tə ri)

1. a store where pork products, as hams, sausages, and pâtés, are sold.
2. the items sold in such a store.
[1855–60; < French; Middle French chaircuterie=chaircut(ier) pork butcher (chair flesh (Old French char(n), cher < Latin carō) + cuite cooked]
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Noun1.charcuterie - a delicatessen that specializes in meatscharcuterie - a delicatessen that specializes in meats
deli, food shop, delicatessen - a shop selling ready-to-eat food products
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Contract notice: eco-responsible purchase of food - sausage, charcuterie to cut and pork butcher for a civic education accompanied by punctual educational actions
Ruth and Andrew Davies were Highly Commended for their range of charcuterie products derived from their Saddleback and Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs.
Charcuterie is the hottest new trend in American restaurants.
My holiday parties still include cheese and sausage, but I also offer dried fruit, jams, nuts and olives all served on a huge wooden cutting board, my version of a charcuterie board.
A PIZZA and charcuterie restaurant has opened up in Norton - and it's already getting rave reviews.
In the food sector, in the sectors of infant formula, pork, and charcuterie products, the publication of audit results that we were waiting for will allow us to export more easily these products as well as beef," Le Maire said at a press briefing as part of the China-France High-Level Economic and Financial Dialogue.
As charcuterie and cured meats continue to grow in popularity, D'Artagnan is introducing two additional flavors of saucisson sec.
The charcuterie board at POMONA is like one you'd find in an upscale restaurant in France.
New village meat company The Cure Fine Charcuterie, is staging the event and wants to open a weekend deli in the space if the nights are successful.
It's gently perfumed and fruity, a good match for charcuterie and grilled beef.
The concept applies to all animal proteins--even seafood--in which a variety of parts are used, such as cod cheek, duck charcuterie, and lamb heart.
A build-your-own cheese or charcuterie board goes well with the wine selections, while more substantial, globally influenced dishes from chef Charles Cho include Korean beef tartare, artichoke fettucine, mussels and sausage and New Zealand lamb chops.