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chargé′ d'af•faires′


n., pl. chargés d'af•faires (dəˈfɛər)
1. an official placed in charge of diplomatic business during the temporary absence of the ambassador or minister.
2. an envoy to a state to which a diplomat of higher grade is not sent.
[1760–70; < French: literally, one in charge of things]
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Helle Nielsen, Charged'Affaires at the Embassy of Denmark, welcomed Ziad Bashir in his new role and highlighted that the Embassy had within a few years grown from being a small Embassy dealing with visa and consular affairs to an Embassy, which was fully engaged in multiple areas of cooperation such as Trade, Development, Defense and Stabilization,
It also contains a life sized rock statue in the wall of its first hall, according to Mahmoud Afifi, Charged'affaires of the Ancient Egyptian Sector's Chief.
BRUSSELS, Dec 1 (KUNA) -- The charged'affaires of the Embassy of Kuwait in the Hague, Counselor Ali Al-Zaydi, is heading the Kuwaiti delegation at the 19th Session of the Conference of the States Parties of the Organisaton For the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which began in the Dutch city of the Hague on Monday.
Gandour said in press statements following his meeting with the theUS Charged'Affaires in Khartoum that the US Envoy will deliver peoposals to narrow the gap in pending issues between the two sides .