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Now the 29-year-old bride has now revealed how she spent [pounds sterling]35 on the dress that she found at a charity store.
The British Heart Foundation are just weeks from opening a large furniture and electrical charity store in the former New Look on Foregate Street.
A cordon remains in place around the Cancer Research charity store, near to the Hill Street junction and police say work is ongoing to identify the man and inform his next of kin.
But, just as the police were conducting searches, a 16-year-old boy was stabbed inside a British Heart Foundation charity store, in nearby Bull Street at around 5.30pm on Tuesday.
Community urged to go on a'Dechox' It is chocs away for volunteers at the British Heart Foundation charity store at 60 High Street, Dumfries.
So while a true treasure may be less likely to be found at your local charity store, the thrill remains that it might be.
The offending item, which was emblazoned with the title '30 Reasons Why A Beer is Better than a Woman', mysteriously ended up at homeless charity store UNITE 4 Humanity in Peterborough.
St Vincent's Hospice and Change Lochwinnoch are appealing for donations to help them raise PS1,500 to reach their target amount to refurbish the charity store in the heart of the village.
Or think about recycling by donating them to your local charity store where they can either be used to dress the shop, or sold on to raise much needed cash.
For 25 years, Derek stood outside the hospice's charity store in Union Street and serenaded shoppers as they passed by.
Texas law enforcement officials said the explosion that occurred inside a Goodwill charity store along a strip mall south of downtown Austin, involved an "incendiary device" described as artillery simulator that went off when a male store employee handled it.