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A person who makes elaborate, fraudulent, and often voluble claims to skill or knowledge; a quack or fraud.

[French, from Italian ciarlatano, probably alteration (influenced by ciarlare, to prattle) of cerretano, inhabitant of Cerreto, a city of Italy once famous for its quacks.]

char′la·tan′ic (-tăn′ĭk), char′la·tan′i·cal adj.
char′la·tan·ism, char′la·tan·ry n.


(ˌʃɑːləˈtænɪk) or


of or relating to a charlatan
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Hemingway saw through Pound's charlatanic flourishes and economic fallacies and accused Pound, quite rightly, of lacking clarity.
Gardner clearly did not yet know the depths of Tate's devious, charlatanic, yet charismatic personality: playing literary games and playing around were what he loved most.
here in [the] form of superficial, charlatanic patchwork, of clumsy hybrid eclecticism." (64) Superficial.