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A person who makes elaborate, fraudulent, and often voluble claims to skill or knowledge; a quack or fraud.

[French, from Italian ciarlatano, probably alteration (influenced by ciarlare, to prattle) of cerretano, inhabitant of Cerreto, a city of Italy once famous for its quacks.]

char′la·tan′ic (-tăn′ĭk), char′la·tan′i·cal adj.
char′la·tan·ism, char′la·tan·ry n.
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With my egotism, my charlatanry, my tongue, and my habit of having my own way, I am fit for no calling but that of saviour of mankind--just of the sort they like." After an impressive pause he turned slowly and left the room.
More than half self-hypnotized into a belief in his own charlatanry he faced this new demon who threatened to undermine his ancient and lucrative profession.
It is quackery and charlatanry. Such therapies and their apologists must be warned.
He began exploring these subjects while still at school, sometimes by experimenting with hypnosis on other schoolboys (Ochorowicz, 1876), and wrote papers about them (Ochorowicz, 1890); however, the general opinion in Poland tended to regard hypnotic experiments as charlatanry. This affected his chances of establishing an academic career, to the point that even the grant he was entitled to when he went to Paris to study was unexpectedly withdrawn.
They went for his jugular, telling him to stop his tribal conglomeration thingy, with some even meanly pointing out that the function was not a bullfighting ceremony (he is a professed bullfighter).He was dressed down by his followers, including flamboyant city lawyer Donald Kipkorir, who accused Dr Khalwale of political charlatanry, and for lacking political ideology, moral compass and absence of a higher calling.
Members of Parliament call for action: Parliament's Religion Affairs and Endowments Committee calls on the government to take action against ads of charlatanry on TV channels Dr.
So overwhelming is the evidence Crews assembles of Freud's professional charlatanry and personal turpitude that the reader finishes his book baffled that this prevaricating, mercenary, self-promoting lout ever managed to put one over on the whole educated world.
(18) The controversy attained its peak with the so called "Sokal Affair," when the mathematician and physicist, Alan Sokal, published a high sounding but nonsensical article on "quantum gravity" (19) for a special issue of the postmodernist journal Social Text devoted explicitly to the "science wars." The uncritical acceptance and publication of the article delivered Sokal a proof of the charlatanry and ignorance of postmodern critique.
Now, bad philosophy (or charlatanry) might even lead people to accept the wrong that-propositions in the practical field.