charm away


w>charm away

vt sep fears, worries etczerstreuen
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Silas now found himself and his cottage suddenly beset by mothers who wanted him to charm away the whooping-cough, or bring back the milk, and by men who wanted stuff against the rheumatics or the knots in the hands; and, to secure themselves against a refusal, the applicants brought silver in their palms.
Emma smiled and answered"My visit was of use to the nervous part of her complaint, I hope; but not even I can charm away a sore throat; it is a most severe cold indeed.
To charm away the long hours of unsafe, unpredictable travel, the girl counts things she sees, like five cows, four hens, and one chucho (their dog companion).
However the front is still black and takes the charm away from the device.
``But the negative thing is that it takes a bit of the charm away from a European Cup tie.