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(ˈkær əˌfaɪt)

any green algae of the class Charophyceae (or group Charophyta), comprising the stoneworts.
[< New Latin Charophyta <Char(a) a genus of stoneworts]
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Abundant remains of ostracods, bivalves, 'serpulid worms' (microconchs), charophyte algae and stromatolites from this section in association with vertebrates have been discussed by Alekseev et al.
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Late Holocene water level fluctuations of Lake Afourgagh (Middle-Atlas Mountains, Morocco) inferred from charophyte remains.
The Vainameri area belongs to the good ecological quality class as most of the macrovegetation biomass is formed by perennial species supported by high coverage of charophyte communities or Fucus spp.
The filamentous green algae found in these larval habitats in the present research belonged to the genus of filamentous charophyte green algae, Spyrogira (Zygnematales: Zygnemataceae).
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The axis of a charophyte thallus is composed of a number of internodes, nodes, and branchlets.
Altogether 14 taxa were recorded throughout the study period: 5 species of red, 2 species of brown, and 2 species of green algae, 1 charophyte species, 5 species of flowering plants, and 3 macrozoobenthos taxa (Table 3).
However, the grouping of all charophyte species by genus and assigning a single C value to each group results in a loss of information and may not provide an accurate evaluation of the floristic quality of a given site.