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A bed consisting of a wooden frame strung with interlaced cords or webbing, used chiefly in South Asia.

[Hindi cārpāī and Urdu čārpā'ī, both from Persian cār-pāy, bedstead : cār-, four (from Old Iranian cathru-, four; see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots) + pāy, foot (from Middle Persian pāy); see ped- in Indo-European roots.]
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(ˈtʃɑːpɔɪ) or


(Furniture) a bedstead of woven webbing or hemp stretched on a wooden frame on four legs, common in India
[C19: from Urdu cārpāī]
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also char•pai


n., pl. -poys also -pais.
a light bedstead used in India.
[1835–45; < Urdu chārpāi < Persian]
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One patient, with a weak radial pulse, was carried by health workers on a 'charpai' to the nearest road from where he was rushed to a health centre on a bike ambulance.
Sindhi culture display special designs and pattern in these shawls,rali, charpai weaving and bed sheets which associate Hussain to his childhood memories.
The most common item is the traditional 'charpai', the bed which every house has in one form or another.
In all prisons the female prisoners are facilitated with the iron cot (charpai) and washrooms," the report said.
'Those people' are used to sharing one room with six other family members, so if their rooms in our homes are wide enough only to fit a charpai in then well, it's better than sharing, isn't it?
The seating is on a ' charpai ', or ' charpoy ' - a traditional Indian woven bed!
According to police, a few unknown armed assailants believed to be Jatoi tribe attacked the house of Gulbahar Jagirani and opened indiscriminate firing on him, which resulting, Gulbahar Jagirani, of 35, and his minor daughter identified as Aminat, of 04, were killed on the spot because of both father and daughter were sleeping together on a Charpai, a traditional name of a bed.
With the help of an uncle, he strapped his son to a charpai, tying one arm and one leg to the frame with uncovered electrical wires.
When I peeked inside, it had little more than a charpai, or a traditional woven bed, a few pots and pans in the corner, some containing stored foodstuffs, and a smoky fire burning in the centre.
Big tent used to be erected people with their relatives came with their charpai or bedding or lay down on the floor.
During house search the cops reportedly dumped quilts on a charpai on which a two month infant Seemab was sleeping.